So you can skip the trial and error stage


You don’t need to keep turning your wheels trying to figure out your systems. You don’t need to try to be good at something you’re not. All you need is someone who really knows what they’re doing to… do it for you. 

Because if you're going to work so damn hard to get the sales, shouldn't you also be running your business... like a business?

To the overly exhausted real estate professional:


So you can continue focusing on sales to bring in more revenue

So you can feel confident in the direction your business is heading


time saving implementation

career advancing skills

this one's for you

Well, that's exactly why we're here.


Database Turnaround Service

60-minute strategy calls

Goal setting + action planning

Action item tracking

SOP Database

Roles and responsibilities created

Customized workflows and procedures

Execution of special projects

one-time fee of $999 + monthly payment of $1899 | 3 month requirement

You’re ready to grow your business without doing things the hard way. You know hiring an admin is the next step, but want to make sure they're trained on what the freakin' heck to do. Say goodbye to the long, sleepless nights, to trying figure it out on your own. The best part? CoreOps Strategy to Scale Program doesn’t just give you a list of things you *should* do, but actually helps you implement them too. Meaning... you won't shut down and walk away from it all after we talk.

best for growing teams

strategy to scale program

read all about it


One-hour project launch call

Fully customized business hub

Integrated platforms to your hub

Scattered information organized

Auto-populating P&L statement

KPIs, metrics, and data all in one place

One hour review and handover call

30 days of support

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price: $999 | Timeline: 3-7 days

You’ve been in the real estate game long enough to know you need to stay organized to stay afloat, but you have no idea to where to begin trying to do that. You’ve got the leads and transactions, but don't have the time to make sense of the data. And you need your sh*t straight ASAP, like 3 days quick. We’ll make this as easy as Selling Sunset makes your job look.

best for solo agents


Course Modules:

The Basics

The Development

The Advancement

The Mastery

Templates and resources

Real-life stories and experience

Worksheets and guides


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starting at $199 | self-paced

Are you a business owner that has no idea how to develop your admin to be a growth partner? The Assistant to COO 4-part course is what you need when you need your task-checker to start being your problem-solver. Let’s grow their knowledge and skills of the real estate world, without you taking the time to teach them how.

best for admin teams 

Operations courses

coreops community


We’re not just here to answer your questions and give you playbooks. We’re here to celebrate your wins. We’re here to help you through your losses. We’re here to take the band-aids off your operational bullet holes and find solutions that actually work.

We’re here for accountability. We’re here for collaboration. 

We’re here to get your career to the next level.

Love Notes


-Candace, owner of Hollon home group 

"Lauren is absolutely incredible at not only predicting what is needed, but tailoring the process to the individual needs of each agent and real estate team she works with. This industry is not a one size fits all, and Lauren absolutely understands that. When working with her, I never once felt like I was forced into a box. In fact, I felt as though I was coming out of one!"

I felt incredibly heard and supported throughout the Strategy to Scale process

-Ciara, Real Estate Agent with exp realty

"Lauren always knew the answer, and if she didn’t, she would always find it out. There was never a “no” with her. She's personable. It makes this real estate industry less stressful knowing someone can be both professional and relaxed all in one."

There was never a "no" with her.

-Stacey, transaction coord.

"Lauren constantly surprised me with her creative spirit. She envisioned specific work flows and would continually push to make those come to life in the most creative way. It was inspiring to be a part of one of her projects. Lauren is a perfect fit for someone who might lack in setting a plan in motion or coming up with specific material to help guide the way."

Two words: Relatable and genuine. 

-Bri, Director of operations

"Lauren was always able to navigate and teach while staying calm and collected even in a time that felt chaotic. She was able to simplify tasks & systems and explain them clearly for our organization. CoreOps Collective is the perfect fit for owners and admin who know the basics but looking to take business to the next level but maybe aren’t fluent in systems and procedures."

Explained things easily & removed confusion 

i'm ready!

coreops collective is for you when you're ready to:

admit you're really *not that great* at operations

stop drowning in random "untitled documents" and confusion

infuse strategy and intention behind every system and process

no longer worry your business can't handle getting busier

On our first strategy call, I’ll bring my knowledge and the implementation to back it up. All you have to do is bring your vision for what you want for your business! You’ll be confident in growing your business sooner than you ever thought possible.

Get to Growth

Step 03.

If we’re a match, we’ll figure out how often you want to meet, what roadblocks to look out for, and what you can expect from me in the end! You’ll then get your onboarding packet and then get on my calendar to get this show on the road. We’ll meet on video chat as frequently as your package allows to strategize, make plans, and review the work being done for you on my end.

Get on the Calendar

Step 02.

For the 1-on-1 services, fill out the inquiry form here and I’ll get back to you so we can talk more about the specifics you’re looking for. I’ll ask you about your current business, your vision for the future, and your timeline. And you can ask me any specific questions you have. It’ll be a much better conversation than your first FSBO cold call.

Get to Know Each Other

Step 01.

How it Works

learn more

I believe every real estate business deserves to feel like they’ve got it together. So if the thought of being able to only focus on sales makes you want to dance around the closing table, I’m so glad you’re here.

Because CoreOps Collective, I’m not treating this like another program where you’re told what you should do, leaving you overwhelmed with confusion. I’m treating this like I’m your operations head coach, getting your playbooks ready to pass off to your admin team. No precious time of yours wasted. No extra stress added to your plate. 

It’s time to stop wishing you had more time and start spending it on what you’re good at.

I’m lauren

I'm here to help