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here's lesson #1: don't do it alone.

You always thought the agent was the main character in the real estate story, but you never expected to be the one who's actually carrying the team.

Because if you're going to make operational miracles happen, you should have a place where others get it when you want to brag about them.

we don't let you sit with your imposter syndrome for too long.

That's exactly why we're here.

Good news: That place exists. And we're formally inviting you to


come see for yourself

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Love Notes

-Melissa Lewis, Hive transactions

I was definitely excited to see that Lauren doesn't gate-keep helpful information. She's always willing to share her knowledge. I look forward to hearing her ideas and her creative problem solving.

Patient and very helpful.

-Lauren Hale

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-Lauren Hale

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The most supportive community out there for real estate operations professionals.

it's time for...

Discounts on coaching and courses to ensure all members are provided with quality services and products at a loyalty rate

Job board to ensure all operational opportunities are reaching the quality professionals they need to be

Template and resource database with hundreds already and new ones being pushed out monthly

want a peek inside?

Monthly masterminds to make sure the community has ample opportunities to network and share experiences

Continuous conversations to provide the community with their questions answered and opportunities announced

And so much more...



Sign up for CoreOps Community before June 1, 2024 and get the 4-part course, Assistant to COO, for 50% off!

But wait, there's more

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The mission of CoreOps Community is for all of us to learn from each other. So, while you're welcome to take everything you need, please don't forget to contribute as much as you can, too. Everyone has something to share, even if you're brand new.

Give as much as you take.

Step 03.

For those of you who have joined the waitlist, you'll get exclusive early bird access where your feedback and suggestions are highly encouraged! Once you're in, take a look around, get comfy, put your feet up and stay awhile.

Come on in.

Step 02.

If you're jumping in with us, we're SO thankful. If you're here before April 1, we might not be ready to open our doors *juuuustttt yet* but I promise, we will be so very soon. Get on our waitlist to make sure you're in the know on when we're launching!

Join our waitlist.

Step 01.

how the heck do you get started?

I love how straightforward you are! Your honesty is refreshing and much needed in our industry. 


what they're saying



But you're tired of that.

you could keep...

reinventing the wheel

But you're ready to learn how to overcome it.

feeling the pressure

But you really want others to celebrate with.

nominating yourself employee of the month

coreops community


We’re not just here to answer your questions and give you playbooks. We’re here to celebrate your wins. We’re here to help you through your losses. We’re here to take the band-aids off your operational bullet holes and find solutions that actually work.

We’re here for accountability. We’re here for collaboration. 

We’re here to get your career to the next level.

  • $19/Month
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Paid annually, $60 savings

paid monthly

sign up before june 1 and get 50% off our assistant to coo course

who doesn't love a bonus jonas?

Hurry! You don't want to miss this!

- MADI BROWN, Mockingbird transactions

For starters, I left the company I had been working with for over 3 years and started my own company. To have the confidence to go after it on my own, and the resources and skills to execute it I highly attribute to my time working with Lauren. I started out with a goal to start my company and hopefully be able to work with 1 agent. I now work with 8 in just a few short months and my goals are only getting bigger. 

big dreams, bigger goals

- Client NAme

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This course transformed my business!

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Listen, we don't like being stuck where we don't belong either. So if at any time you realize that we're not the place that can support you best, we don't want to keep you from finding where that is.

We have a cancel anytime policy that gives you the peace of mind that you're not locked in with us forever. Your membership will cease at the end of that billing month.

but what if it's not my jam?


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I've been in your shoes, you know. Maybe not *yours* per say, but I've walked your walk and talked your talk. I know that the operations side is all guts and no glory. I understand that sometimes, you just realllllly want someone to compliment how organized your CRM is.

You can read more about CoreOps here, but know that this is the place I longed for *back in my day.* So join us in creating the supportive and collaborative environment the operations people need in this chaotic world of real estate.

I’m lauren

hey new friend!

i'm ready!

This community isn't for everyone

are ready for new ideas and ways of doing things

will give as much as they take

recognize the value of the basics

want to grow their skills

this is for the people who:

want to grow their confidence

want to grow their career

Are there refunds?

fancy seeing you down here

While we don’t offer any refunds, we do have a cancel anytime policy, which means if you’re ready to move on, we will not force you to stay. Not saying we won’t be sad to see you go, but we’ve all gone in somewhere that just *wasn’t it* before and we won’t hold that against you. The cancel anytime policy means if you cancel your membership anytime before your renewal date, you finish out the rest of your subscribed time, but don’t worry about being charged again.

what kind of resources are available?

To list them all would take... forever. But we've got the resources that have been tried and true for real estate teams all over the country, in multiple brokerages, with all kinds of different business models.

are there specific groups in the community?

Sure are! We've got our one big room where everyone can hang out, or we've got our separate smaller ones for more specialized places to chill. From transaction coordinators and client care managers to marketing experts and advertising specialists, we've got a place for everyone in operations.


No matter how long you've been in the real estate industry, there's something for everyone in this place. In fact, one of CoreOps Collective's value statements is that "if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room." EVERYONE is welcome.

Still have questions?

Reach out at or
send me a message here.

say goodbye to operational overwhelm

Surround yourself with those that get it. You'll have finally found what you've been missing.

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