As I cradled my newborn baby in my arms, tears of dread and realization streamed down my face. The thought of returning to my job as the Chief Operating Officer of a large real estate team filled me with an overwhelming sense of anxiety, stress, and despair. Despite the lucrative nature of my position, the price was too high – I couldn’t let any job take away the peace that I was feeling from this tiny human.

In that moment of vulnerability, I knew something had to change. The unfortunate thing was that I knew the organization I was in wouldn’t, so I knew the change had to start with me. So the decision that lay ahead of me wasn’t just about leaving a job; behind an entire way of life that no longer aligned with my values or my vision for the future. It was the day I chose to pave a new path for myself and for other real estate professionals like me, who are caught in, and tired of, the relentless cycle of hustle culture.

The Decision to Quit

Leaving behind the security and identity of being the COO was daunting. The role had consumed my life, demanding more than I was willing to continue giving. Yet, the realization that I was on the wrong path entirely became the catalyst for change. My experience had shown me the dark side of the real estate industry – overwork, inefficiency, and the unsustainable pursuit of growth at any cost.

Common Challenges in Real Estate Operations

The real estate industry is notorious for its hustle culture. Professionals are often overworked, with a blurred line between personal and professional life. The common solution – hiring help – often falls short due to lack of training and unclear expectations. This cycle leads to stagnation and burnout, with no real solution in sight.

The Journey to Starting CoreOps Collective

CoreOps Collective was born from a desire to transform the real estate operations industry. Drawing from my extensive experience, the company is designed to address the inefficiencies that are plaguing real estate professionals. Our holistic approach focuses on systems and process implementation, customized consultations, and the development of scalable strategies that foster sustainable growth.

How CoreOps Collective Addresses the Industry’s Needs

At CoreOps Collective, we believe in working smarter, not harder. Our Strategy to Scale Program offers a comprehensive solution that tackles the daily struggles of real estate professionals. From operational efficiency to training and development, we provide the tools and knowledge necessary to streamline operations and promote growth without the added stress.

Empowering Real Estate Professionals

Our mission extends beyond operational efficiency; we aim to empower real estate professionals to redefine their work culture. by addressing the root causes of overwork and inefficiency, CoreOps Collective helps clients achieve a balanced, fulfilling career path that aligns with their goals and values.


The leap from COO to founder of CoreOps Collective has been a journey of transformation and fulfillment. Our services are a testament to the possibility of achieving success in the real estate industry without sacrificing personal well-being. If you’re ready to escape the hustle culture and embrace a more sustainable approach to real estate operations, CoreOps Collective is here to guide you.

Ready to transform your real estate operations? Contact CoreOps Collective today and take the first step towards a balanced, efficient, and thriving business.

Lauren Duke and baby girl
The little girl who changed it all
Credit to Chloe Marie Photography

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