Are you thriving or just surviving? Every decision matters in this real estate world. Not having data to help make those decisions… Well, let’s just say I’ve been there, done that, and won’t go back. 

I’m not talking about just tracking a few closings here and a couple lead sources there and calling it a day. You really need to understand the data in your business. It gives you insights on where you may be lacking, confidence and reassurance on what you’re doing right, and gives you a chance to foresee what’s to come. 

Real estate data tracking gives informed insights

The whole purpose of your real estate career is to help your clients achieve their homeownership goals, right? Well, how the heck are you going to do that if you aren’t armed with the information that your local market can tell you? Tracking market reports year over year, month over month, and everything in between can help guide you as you strategize with your clients to get into (or out of) their home! 

More than that, data offers you insights about the health of your business too. I’ll admit it… When I was the Chief Operating Officer for a top ten real estate team, we didn’t have it all together. The data was absolutely lacking. Now, it’s my mission to make sure that real estate agents are provided the resources they need to start tracking their own data easily. To do so, grab my free financial tracking guide

How to make decisions based on your real estate business’s data

Alright, you’ve got the business, you’ve made the sales, and you’re tracking the things. What’s next? 

Reviewing your data at least once a month is going to give you the peace of mind that you’re on the right track. What if you didn’t know you weren’t seeing an ROI on Zillow leads? What if you weren’t aware you had three AI subscriptions that you don’t use? What if you forgot to reach back out to a past client and they ended up selling with someone else? 

This, my friends, is why tracking is important. You need to be able to make good business decisions. You need to know where every dollar is spent and how every dollar is earned. You need to know what your top lead sources are, who your best referral partners are, and whether or not your Facebook ads are actually bringing in leads. 

Data can be personal, too

Hear me out for a minute. Everyone loves to celebrate the big wins, right? But… what if you’re missing out on those little milestones in between?

Tracking your transactions, income, referrals sent and received… those can give you some pretty big milestones that you might not have noticed. 

A Database Turnaround client of mine at CoreOps Collective had no idea that he had sold 250 homes in 4 years. When I sorted through his data and put it right in front of him to see, the pride that came through him was unreal to witness. Seriously, he thought he wasn’t doing so good as a solo agent. 

So grab your free trackers and get to work, my real estate friends. You may be surprised to see how many opportunities await you!

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