I know you might be shocked to hear this but the reason your operations team isn’t operating at its fullest potential could be you. Now, you might be thinking, “But I tell them to not work on the weekends,” or “I text them to let them know this can wait until the morning.” 

Newsflash: You can’t tell them to have boundaries and then not respect them.

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re drowning in ideas and ways you can improve business. And that’s fantastic! But who’s the one that gets overloaded with all of those ideas and can’t keep up? Chances are, it’s your operations person. The one who “makes it happen.” Am I right?

But if you don’t give them time to finish one project before handing them ten more, they’re going to feel so overwhelmed and inadequate. They may end up thinking they’re not the right fit for their job. And you know that’s not cool because they are. They know your business backwards and forwards and have proved that they’re willing to go the extra mile to do what needs done. But they can’t always go ten extra miles.

So, what are some signs of admin burnout?

For starters, they may be forgetting things they typically wouldn’t. They’re chronically fatigued, with both physical and mental exhaustion. They could be withdrawing from social interactions, both at work and outside of it. 

Their quality of work is declining. What was once exceptional now looks like they’re just trying to skate by. They’re easily frustrated, anxious, and having emotional roller coasters that you’re not sure where they’re coming from. 

All of these signs could also be contributing to a high turnover rate. I promise you, if you respect your admin, they’ll go above and beyond for you, within their hours of operation. 

What are some common causes and how can you help prevent them?

  1. Unrealistic workload: Listen, operational whiplash is a real thing. You’re spitting out ideas, things you want implemented, the way it all should look. And your admin is sitting there taking it all in, wondering “How am I going to fit this in when I’m still trying to finish last week’s ideas?” Helping prioritize tasks and making sure that their responsibilities are achievable within a realistic timeframe are crucial to your admin staying afloat.
  2. Lack of support: And I don’t mean the support where you say, “Let me know how I can help!” If you’re not able to, whether that’s due to time constraints or not knowing how to train them, find them a mentor who can. Pro tip: CoreOps Collective has one-on-one coaching for real estate operations professionals and we’d be happy to take the development and accountability of your admin off your plate!
  3. Poor communication: Just because it makes sense in your head, doesn’t mean it’s going to make sense in everyone else’s. Expectations and instructions need to be clear and consistent. Maintain open and honest communication. You may ask them if they understand, but if you’re the person who says “It’s fine, I’ll just do it myself,” they will never learn the way you expect things done.
  4. Ignoring boundaries: Now, you might be thinking, “But I tell them to not work on the weekends,” or “I text them to let them know this can wait until the morning.” Newsflash: You can’t tell them to have boundaries and then not respect them. Avoid the after-hours demands and lead by example for all of your staff by encouraging a healthy work-life balance.
  5. Toxic work environment: Contrary to popular belief, your admin is keeping your business running behind the scenes while you’re attracting new business. They’re crucial to your success. And if there’s a lack of appreciation, recognition, or teamwork, that’s going to fall directly onto your admin’s shoulders. Create a culture that celebrates all wins and don’t forget to include your admin’s too! Sometimes we really want someone to compliment the hard work we did on the CRM.

Your operations team can be your most valuable asset, but only when they’re operating at their best. Take these proactive steps to ensure you have a supportive work environment, preventing burnout and helping your administrative professional thrive. They’ll thank you for it and it’ll show through their work.

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