A 4-part course to develop your real estate career from task-checker to growth partner

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You're in search of a course to improve your real estate operations skills. But that's not really why you're here.

You're a brilliant assistant who's wanting to improve the operations of your real estate organization. You live for getting things in order, seeing a plan be executed, and putting another checkmark on that to-do list. But deep down, you know you're capable of being so much more than the doer. You have the talent, passion, and determination to become a growth partner, bringing your organization to new heights.

You know going through a training program from a former real estate assistant turned Chief Operating Officer for a top real estate team is the first step to achieving that career potential you know you're worthy of. 

the promotion you dream of

That's why I'm here.

You don't want to be the doer forever. You want career growth. You want your organization to scale to new heights. You want to pave a path for yourself that allows you to close your laptop at a decent hour and not wake up in a panic that you didn't reply to that email (you did, btw.) 

You want to learn from someone who's done it. You want to improve what you've got going on right now while building the foundation for your own future, too. 

Let's be real:

Right now, you're stuck somewhere between dreaming and doing

I get it. I've been there. I saw real estate agents earning $300k/year while I was on an assistant's salary. And I knew I wanted more for myself.

when you see the people around you achieving their career goals, you know it's your time to invest in your own.



Love Notes

-stacey dinh, transaction coordinator

Lauren helped me see the potential in my work ethic and helped me climb higher professionally and challenge my expansion of knowledge in a brand new field of work. 

Two words: Relatable and genuine. 

-Lauren Hale

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-Lauren Hale

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The 4-part course that teaches the real estate operations professional the ins and outs and skills needed to become an executive leader.

*clears throat* it's your time to go from

The Basics: In the first course, we lay the essential groundwork, equipping administrative personnel with the fundamental skills needed to thrive in an executive environment. From effective communication to how to properly track your organization's metrics and data, this course sets the stage for a successful ascent.

The Development: In this second course, participants dive deeper into strategic thinking and leadership. Learn to anticipate challenges, make data-driven decisions, and steer organizational success with confidence and ease.

4 extensive videos with over 8 total hours of courses based on real life experience from a former COO of a real estate team.

gimme the breakdown

The Mastery: In the final course, sharpen your executive acumen to the highest level. Dive into the intricacies of executive leadership, strategic planning, and organizational excellence. Become a master of your craft and ascend to the esteemed C-Suite level position with confidence.

The Advancement: In the third course, you can learn to fine-tune your executive presence, cultivate cross-functional collaboration, and develop a strategic mindset that aligns seamlessly with the organization's long-term vision.

snag these *free* bonuses, too!

When you access the courses, you'll also get the *real versions* of the resources CoreOps uses for our own clients to build their businesses. I'm talking guides, checklists, a Google Sheet business hub that might actually blow your systems-loving mind.

and the cherry on top?

Lauren's teaching style showed me how she would go about doing things, but allowed me to also figure out the way that worked best for me. She taught me ways to be more independent, but she provided the resources to reference in case I ran into an issue. She was collaborative in teaching a topic the whole way through until it was completely understood. It made it so much easier to learn something new.


what they're saying




i want this!

Each course is designed to be a stepping stone from the previous, but they are able to be jumped into at anytime. Snag one at a time to get your feet wet or grab all four to do your best Olympic-style dive right into the pool of success.

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Once upon a time, I was a brand new real estate assistant. I had NO FREAKING CLUE what I was doing. The amount of anxiety I would have before I sent any email relating to a transaction... I honestly think I could have powered a small city from the energy I emitted sweating over pressing send. But through a lot of learning, a lot of crying, and a lot of trying different things until they finally worked, I climbed the ladder to become a C-Suite executive of a top real estate team.

I oversaw the closing of more than 3000 transactions, recruitment and training of 150+ real estate agents, and provided opportunities for more than 50 administrative professionals to advance their careers.

And that last bit? That was my favorite part. I'm an operations nerd to my core (get it?) so seeing my admin, my *people,* build up their careers, start their own businesses, become growth partners for multi-million dollar businesses... excuse me, I gotta grab a tissue real quick.

Here's your invitation to become one of the ones who advances their career. Join me in my Assistant to COO course, where I'll give you the education and resources to help you pave the path to new career heights, but you'll be the one who makes it happen for yourself.

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